Do you have thoughts on a book we’ll be discussing soon or feedback from a previous episode? Did you have a book recommendation that fits a guest’s Write This Book description?

You can always email me at

Write This Book Audio Submissions:

If you have a Write This Book to share, record yourself and send it over for possible inclusion in an episode! 3 Minutes or less please. Make sure you introduce yourself!

Audio recording tips:

Many phones and computers come with audio recording software. Examples include: Audio recorder (iPhone), QuickTime, Garageband, etc, and if you don’t have an option already you can download Audacity for free on any operating system (

To get the best audio quality, record in a quiet space, ideally with lots of soft surroundings (as opposed to an empty room or one with hard surfaces). Usually hooking up headphones with a dangling mic to your phone or computer will capture the best sound.

I’d suggest writing down your thoughts and practicing a few times before recording. (I definitely don’t get my intros and outros done on the first take!)

Email your file to me at - you might have to send me a link to download from the cloud depending on file size.