6. Halloween Boo? by Sarah Spade - with my BFF Becky

Short Description

Andrea and her non-romance-reading friend Becky read Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade and it does not go according to plan. In this sometimes frightening, but ultimately uplifting holiday episode, Andrea digs deep into Becky’s unromantic psyche, and also into the lore of Salem, MA where Becky lived for 10 years. Does fate exist? Can ghosts get boners? Do you believe a self-professed cold New Englander can learn to love Romance Novels? Listen to find out.

Cameo appearance: Esme Brett

Books Discussed

  • Halloween Boo - Sarah Spade

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Guest Host: Andrea’s BFF Becky

Legit famous on Instagram: @bexburbs

Book Pick

Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade



Lara van Lelyveld, Rose, Bree Hill, Esme Brett, and B.andherbooks


Books Mentioned:

A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare