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Shelf Love Guest Open Call: Researching Romantic Stories Across Genres

Jan 30, 2022

Throw your hat in the ring to share your area of expertise with Shelf Love listeners.

Open call for guests with expertise in romantic narratives in pop culture.


  • Genres and media that explore romantic love: professional wrestling, anime, romance novels, advertising, television, film, comic books, games, fairy tales, and more
  • Examinations of romantic love stories across cultures (especially outside the US)
  • How romantic love stories have changed over time
  • Cross-disciplinary approaches

Theory + Text: Guest will share a bite-sized explanation of their research. Ideally, we can discuss a specific textual example that I have also consumed prior to our conversation, and we can discuss how the theory is put into practice.

Typical recording is 60-75 minutes long; 50-60-minute final edited episode.

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This call is open to scholars and nerds of all kinds - no formal qualifications required. But, please note this is not a call for authors of fiction to discuss their own work.

I encourage you to listen to a few episodes of Shelf Love if you haven't already. Here are a few that are most similar to what this call is looking for:

Shelf Love podcast interviews are conducted remotely via Skype.

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