Shelf Love

Jodie Slaughter

Appears on:

  • Normal People: Hopeful Post-Love Millennials
  • 095. Demon Enemies to Lovers: Games with Jodie Slaughter, Live from Copper Dog Books
  • 094. Romance Adaptations: The Curious Case of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton
  • 087. Clutch Your Pearls & Think of New England
  • 086. Sex Education & Romance Novels: Not Medical Advice (with Dame Jodie Slaughter)
  • 078. Romance Curious: Bridgerton So Hashtag Diverse (with Jodie Slaughter, part 2)
  • 077. Twilight Fan Fiction: Climbing into a Can of Worms with Jodie Slaughter (part 1)
  • 061. Alphaholes with Jodie Slaughter: Unpacking Problematic Faves
  • Romance isn’t for everyone
  • Dreaming of You: Justice for Joyce
  • Erotic Romance: A Gentleman in the Streets by Alisha Rai
  • Covering Romance: John Ennis's Art & Thoughts on Fandom
  • Swan Song: If You're Listening to This In the Future, We'll Be Dead
  • When Your Lover Rips Your Father’s Heart Out