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Romancelandia Holiday Fairies 2020

Dec 20, 2020

A way for the Romancelandia community to support anyone in the community who could use help with purchasing gifts for themselves or loved ones this holiday season, 2020.

[As of 12/20/20, I’ve closed the wishlist submission form.]

Buy from a Wishlist:

If you live in Canada or the UK: There are a few wishlists that are specific to and - Please check out what's available in "your" local area as it might be cost prohibitive for others to ship to these wishlists. Definitely prioritize these over your "assigned" wishlist.

Here’s a fun way to find a wishlist to support: Assign yourself a wishlist based on your birth month.

If you were born at the beginning of the month, choose one of the lower numbers; late in the month, choose a bigger number, etc.



When submitting a wishlist, gift recipients have the option to identify a favorite romance novel or explain why they love romance.

Wishlist 01:

Wishlist 02:
“I loved Small Town Hearts by Lillie Vale, a YA romance. It's queer, ace-inclusive, and a wonderful exploration of sexual orientation.”

Wishlist 03:
“This year in particular has reminded me why I love romance as they're just a source of joy and for a few hours everything is ok. Recent favorites include Her Big City Neighbor by Jackie Lau, Take a Hint Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert, & Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean.”

Wishlist 04: [Wishlist dreams fulfilled!]
“I still reread Trade Me by Courtney Milan because it gives me the FEELINGS and reminds me there can be at least one (1) person that can have money and not be an asshole and i also like it when the dude has internal struggles *clenches fist* it's so good.”

Wishlist 05:
“I love romance novels because they provide me with hope and joy while also allowing me to explore who I am.”

Wishlist 06:
“I love romance novels because reading why characters fall in love with each other fills me with such a pure joy & warms my heart so much!”

Wishlist 07:
“I read romance novels for the escape. I love the endings. My favorite are historical romance because you can actually learn a lot from the research the authors put into their stories.”

Wishlist 08:
“I love the HEA in romance - life can be hard & a guaranteed happy ending is more than comforting.”

Wishlist 09: (CANADA!)
“Beyond Shame, by Kit Rocha. Love romance novels because of the HEAs!”

Wishlist 10:
“This question is hard. So instead of picking one books, I will pick several authors. Kit Rocha is in my top 10 authors lists. Nalini Singh is also in top 10. Courtney Milan also.”

Wishlist 11:
“I love the escapism - now more than ever!”

Wishlist 12:
“I love that there is always hope, that everything works out in the end.”

Wishlist 13:
“I love everything Nora Roberts, especially her In Death series. HEAs mean so much to me and help with my anxiety and health issues.”

Wishlist 14:
“Romance novels got me through my wretched teenage years and the characters became my friends. I still re-read then that's how comforting they are to me.”

Wishlist 15: [Canadian wishlist dreams have been fulfilled!]
“Why? HEA! Knowing there is a happy, in this world of not... There is a reason I only rematch shows, because I can’t handle the suspense.”

Wishlist 16:
“It’s been a rough year and books by people like Nalini Singh and Eva Leigh have given me hope comfort and community at a time when I am mostly isolating without my partners.”

Wishlist 17:
“Because it can tackle almost any topic and still give me a happy ending.”

Wishlist 18:
“The Duke Who Didn't and The Wallflower Wager”

Wishlist 19: (CANADA!)
“Romance novels fill me with all the feels and giggles :)”

Wishlist 20:

Wishlist 21:
“Romance novels have been helping me understand a lot about myself, what I want and don't want in life, and how to be more assertive. They've been a wonderful source of joy and hope in this crazy year, the one moment in my day when I can disconnect from everything going on in my life and lose myself in stories that make me believe that no matter how dark things get, there is a light at the end of the tunnel”

Wishlist 22: (UK!)
“Romance novels help me get through all the hard stuff, they’re something to look forward to and get me through my work days that I struggle with.”

Wishlist 23: (UK!)
“I can't say which one is my favourite – I have quite a few of them – but I can say that Romance as a genre has gotten me thru life and romance as a group of people has my faith in humanity still going. As a disabled & insane chaosball, novels like these let me feel alive, see myself in them & hope I'll get my HEA one day.”

Wishlist 24: (CANADA!)

Wishlist 25:
“I love knowing the book will end well.”

Wishlist 26:
“Some days I need a dystopia, some days I need comfort, and some days I need my dystopia to have some kind of happy ending.”

Wishlist 27:
“Romance is an amazing genre that takes readers on an epic journey with a powerful ending.”

Wishlist 28:
“Some of my favorite authors are Olivia Dade, Katrina Jackson, Jackie Lau, Xan West, Christina C. Jones, and Kit Rocha (although I love a million other people too). As someone who is immunocompromised and isolated, the romancelandia community has brought me much needed comfort, joy, hope, and commiseration this year 💜”

Wishlist 29: “Romance has been with me through the thick and thin. Its my self-soothing activity. I discovered Jackie Lau this year and I got to see characters who look like me have HEAs too!”

Wishlist 30:
“I love Romance novels because they let me escape my reality. I love reading new books, especially ones that are part of a series!”

Wishlist 31:
“I love romance because I get to escape for a few hours in someone's happily ever after that gives me hope for my own.”

Wishlist 32:
“Romance novels bring joy and bring people together.”

Wishlist 33:
“Because romance is something I think most of us wish for in our lives.”

Wishlist 34:
“I love romances because no matter what, whether the characters embark on a physical, emotional, or mental journey, through and an all challenges and difficulties, you know you're getting a love story with a happy ending. I love the community for its generosity and giving. Thank you!"

Wishlist 35: (UK!)
“Romance novels are my safe place. I've been widowed twice, and both times romance novels helped me navigate those awful times. I am forever grateful to the wonderful authors whose talent, wit, and inspirational stories gave me an escape from sadness and fear.”

Wishlist 36:
“I love romance novels because there is a structure and a good ending (even if it may be happy for now. Having said that, I love books in general and have varied tastes in reading.”

Wishlist 37:
“I love romance novels because they are hot and always have a happy ending and let me escape for a few hours.”

Wishlist 38:
“Romance novels allow me to enter alternate dimensions with the guarantee of a happy ending. No matter how wild the ride matter how painful, angsty, messy...the characters will get their happy ending. This also means that the *how* of how they get together is a puzzle I get to solve as I'm reading it. It ticks all my boxes. <3”

Wishlist 39:
“Romance is my all time favorite genre. I love love. I love knowing for certain that the HEA is coming. It's a hopeful genre that's saved me this last year.”

Wishlist 40:
“I love romance novels for several reasons, but my top ones are that they are HEA and that they cover a wide swath of other genres; it isn't just romance!”

Wishlist 41:
“Oh boy, where to start! I love all types of romance, but I especially love angsty stories, UF (like Ilona Andrews), and space operas (like Linnea Sinclair).”

Wishlist 42:
“Favorite Romance: The Christmas Deal.”

Wishlist 43:
“Romance is hope and joy and love. Everything I wish the world was.”

Wishlist 44:
“I don't really have a favorite romance novel specifically, so much as a type. I don't need the big, grand gestures, but I'm a sucker for the small daily romantic gestures - cooking a favorite food just because, picking up a favorite coffee creamer, etc - that don't seem like much, but warm the heart because they remind us that the little things can be the most important.”

Wishlist 45:
“My favorite romance novels are any by Johanna Lindsey, especially the historicals. I'm old school!”

Wishlist 46:
“I have been reading romance since high school, thanks to a senior who knew more than me. I became a high school history teacher, my passion and true calling, but it is very stressful at the best of times- cue my HEA escape! This past year has been a struggle, I lost my job and healthcare during the lockdown but the good news is I am back teaching again. So back to the stress but also back to romance when I have a free minute! *I could never pick just one favorite book!*”

Wishlist 47:
“Growing up, I was relentlessly made fun of by my family for liking romance of any type. I was always told that I was a baby and it made me bitter about romance. But now that I've found true love, and after two kids, I want to find that love for romance again. After 2020, I'm ready to be a baby and love love.”

Wishlist 48:
“My all time favorite romance is a toss up between AN ACCIDENTAL GODDESS by Linnea Sinclair or DEVIL IN WINTER by Lisa Kleypas. I return to both so often I had to buy them in digital to protect my physical copies. I've spent my life reading romances - my grandma shared all her Harlequin Presents titles (from the late 80s) with me after my parents divorced as a way to help me with all my feelings.”

Wishlist 49:
“Love Alexandria Ivy, Sherrilynn Kenyon, Meredith Wild, Angel Payne, Helen Hardt, Janet Daily, Marie Force, and Danielle Steele”

Wishlist 50:
“Jude Deveraux and Johanna Lindsey both wrote books that were DEVASTATING. Not counting the problematic stuff from the 70s, early 80s, the stories I read were perfect. I've been around since Blaze was Harlequin Temptation.”

Wishlist 51:
“Romance novels take readers from the boredom or stress of reality and touch our hearts. Reading has always been a great escape.”

Wishlist 52:
“Romance novels allow me to escape into amazing worlds where love conquers all despite the bumps and bruises along the way.”

Wishlist 53:
“I love romance novels because it gives me a chance to escape my reality and let go of all the stress that hits me from all sides daily!”

Wishlist 54:
“I love any romance novel where the queer people get to be happy!”

Wishlist 55:
“Bertrice Small was my first love, and I used to spend all my time in Historicals, but lately I'm loving all these new contemporaries with fabulous Heroines, and now with added geekiness. I also really enjoy Romancelandia, with all the writers and the fans. Also I just want to hangout with Alyssa Cole and Alisha Rai and be besties.”

Wishlist 56:
“I've been a romance fan since I was 12 and impulsively grabbed Gone With the Wind off of my mom's bookshelf ! I'm a huge fan of the Outlander series and historical romance in general, but I also can't resist a steamy contemporary rock star romance.”

Wishlist 57:
“I love romance novels because I always know they will have an HEA. One of my favorites is The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn. Also, it was really hard for me to pick one favorite romance novel.”

Wishlist 58:
“Growing up in a poor town in a small province, there are no libraries or bookshops I could visit nearby. I only had access to my mom's romance novels/pocket books that she rented from someone. Romance books became my solace and escape during my adolescent and teen years. Even though I don't think I'd ever marry someone someday, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart ❤️”

Wishlist 59:
“I love reading about love. I love rooting for a couple and feeling all the feels when they face a challenge but ultimately prevail. Romances make me happy on bad days.

Wishlist 60:
“I love paranormal romances that have lots of action and adventure in the plot.”

Wishlist 61:
“Romance novels, and books in general, give me an opportunity to escape. My favorite is the Academy of Misfits series by Bea Paige.”

Wishlist 62:
“Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall”

Wishlist 63:
“I've read thousands of romance novels, but "The Remaking of Corbin Wale" by Roan Parrish is by far my favorite. The author perfectly captured the essence of a character who was not perfect by society's standards, but was worth loving regardless. This story touched a part of my soul; simply life changing!”

Wishlist 64:
“I just looooove LOVE. Romance novels make me feel empowered and celebrated, and they fill me with pure joy. The feels! The angst! The HEAs! They have it all. I specially love fantasy and paranormal romance for that extra dose of escapism!”

Wishlist 65:
“I specifically love reading YA romance novels because they are feel good stories that always cheer me up. Reading is my escape from anxiety and gives me something to think about <3”

Wishlist 66:
“Way too many to pick just romance is my favorite genre”

Wishlist 67: [UK Wishlist]
“I love reading about people falling in love, and the surety of a happy ending.”

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