026. Teach Me (by Olivia Dade) About Cinnamon Roll Heroes with Denise Williams

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Is power a pie that once eaten, disappears? What’s the opposite of toxic masculinity? And, most importantly, what is a cinnamon roll hero and why are they all the rage right now in romantic fiction?

Denise Williams (How to Fail at Flirting) is back to discuss Teach Me by Olivia Dade, which is about two very passionate, mature, and respectful high school history teachers. It's a super hot romance between an emotionally-distant ice queen heroine and a cinnamon roll hero.

Also: Preview of the April 2020 NECRWA Conference with Sionna Fox, and what options local RWA chapters are considering in the wake of the national chapter's massive failure to address racism and lack of diversity.

Books Discussed

  • Teach Me - Olivia Dade

Show Notes

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 5 edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, published by Cleis Press. Find out more at bweoftheyear.com/

Shelf Love:

Guest: Denise Williams

Listen to Denise’s first Shelf Love appearance on Episode 20 where we discuss teaching romance novels to college students, and answer the question: Is romance a feminist genre?


  • Here’s Aarya Marsden’s elevator pitch recap of Teach Me from her Smart Bitches review:

    • “...divorced high school history teachers in their forties, fat Ice Queen heroine who has very good reasons to guard her emotions, single dad hero who is the poster child for the opposite of toxic masculinity, meddling ex-parents-in-law and high school-aged daughter who ship the couple, and Evil School Administrator who gets defeated in the end.”

    • Smart Bitches link

  • RWA Newsletter Lisa Leoni Writing Fat heroines - I don’t think the article is available online, but here’s a Twitter Thread.

  • Angelina M. Lopez’s Lush Money - “A bonkers idea that’s essentially a telenovela” - folks, when two guests in a row describe the same book in a very similar and tantalizing way, you should just go read it. (See also: Tamara Lush in Episode 25)

  • Kennedy Ryan’s Block Shot - powerful heroine with alphahole hero.

  • Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women edited by Jayne Ann Krentz - alpha males as a foil to show a powerful woman who is his equal.

  • Is Tyler from Priest by Sierra Simone a cinnamon roll?

  • Whoa!mance episode: RWA Reflections - reflections on happily ever after

For more information about the NECRWA Conference in Woburn, MA on April 24 + 25, 2020, check out NECRWA.org

NECRWA’s full statement about the disaffiliation vote.


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