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028. Emergency Contact by Mary HK Choi with Kennedy Ryan

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Longing, Connection, and Friendship as Foundational to Romance

Kennedy Ryan is back to discuss Emergency Contact by Mary HK Choi, a book that LJ Shen (lovingly) forced Kennedy to read. It’s the story of two lonely protagonists who become obsessed with contact and their love story is about friendship, trust, and understanding as the foundation for a relationship.

We also talk about meeting your writing heroes, Kennedy’s influences and her nomination for the romance canon, and why love is a hazard to your health. Plus, a cameo from Penny Reid.

Also, did you know that tonight on March 9, 2020 it is the beginning of Purim? Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, you’re going to love this enemies to lovers rom-com Write This Book from Hannah Hearts Romance at the end of this episode.


contemporary romance, romance novel discussion

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Guest: Kennedy Ryan

We Read Emergency Contact by Mary HK Choi

Kennedy’s Modern Romance Novel Canon recommendation:


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Hannah Hearts Romance shares a Purim-related Write This Book.