003: Rebel by Beverly Jenkins - guest Bree Hill

Short Description

Bree Hill (Falling For Romance) and Andrea discuss Rebel by Beverly Jenkins.

We chat about inspiring teachers, Pizza Hut’s link to many millennial’s love of reading, and heroes who give and give, and ask nothing in return.

We also learn how Bree is a recent romance novel convert (it’s never too late!) and how Hallmark holiday movies and Debbie Macomber were her gateway to the genre.

The book discussion covers historically-accurate female agency, emotionally intelligent heroes, and the gift that keeps on giving (Thanks for the pleasure, Drake!).

Stick around until the end to learn about upcoming guests and book picks, as well as this week’s featured in-person romance novel book club.

Books Discussed

  • Rebel - Beverly Jenkins

Show Notes

Guest Host: Bree Hill


Morgan, Ariel Storm, Gina Drumm, Amanda Ball


Beverly Jenkins' website
Princess Bride Twitter thread by Annie Bellet

The Pizza Hut Reading program is called BOOK-IT!

  • Fun Facts including that a study was done and showed that it actually improved enjoyment of reading for kids that participated!

  • Apparently Pizza Hut is still very much in business. Whoops. Sorry Pizza Hut! Thanks for all the individual pan pizzas and a love of reading.

Google Search Results for "Romance authors who write the best christmas novels"

  • I tried counting how many Christmas books Debbie Macomber has written but gave up when I ran out of fingers and toes.

Bree's articles on Frolic

Deadly Sexy the movie (based on the novel by Beverly Jenkins)

Forbidden, by Beverly Jenkins (Old West)

Book recommendations (aka Trope Town)

Trope: Don’t believe in love/Love isn’t required for marriage


  1. How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway (Contemporary, M/F)

  2. The Worst Best Man by Lucy Score (Contemporary, M/F)

  3. Hot Asset by Lauren Layne (Contemporary, M/F)

  4. A Gentleman in the Streets by Alisha Rai (Contemporary, M/F with a M/F/M scene)

  5. Man Candy by Melanie Harlow (Contemporary, M/F)

Featured Romance Novel Book Club

Romance Lovers Book Club in Durham, NC

Meetup page

  • Organizer: Cathy Crone

  • Location/Host organization: Durham Southwest Regional Library

  • When: First Thursday of every month