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033. Romance Myths & Misconceptions: Kennedy Ryan, Emma Barry, Talia Hibbert, Tif Marcelo, and Suzanne Jefferies

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Romance novel authors and readers bust just some of the myths and misunderstandings about romance novels. Here are the facts about the romance genre from the people who know it best.

We address myths such as “they’re all the same,” “they’re not well written,” and “they’re vapid and lack substance or depth.” The myth busters in this episode are Kennedy Ryan, Emma Barry, Talia Hibbert, Tif Marcelo, and Suzanne Jefferies.


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Show Notes

Myths Twitter Thread from 12/11/19:

Shelf Love:


Myth: Romance Novels Aren’t Well Written
Myth Buster: Emma Barry


Emma Barry

Listen to Emma on Episode 30: A Seditious Affair by KJ Charles with Emma Barry: Cross-Class Romance, and Andrea’s HEA Existential Crisis


Myth: Romance novels are only read by uneducated women who don’t want to read substance
Myth Buster: Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibbert

Listen to Talia on Episode 27: Talia Hibbert on Genderqueer Themes from Mulan and Forced Proximity in Therese Beharrie’s Work


Myth: Romance novel heroines are all damsels in distress; they’re vapid and lack substance or depth
Myth Buster: Tif Marcelo

Tif Marcelo:

Listen to Tif in episode #22: Tif Marcelo: Community, Outcasts, and Thirsty by Mia Hopkins


Myth: Romance novels are boring and all the same
Myth Buster: Kennedy Ryan


Kennedy Ryan:

You can listen to Kennedy on the following episodes


Myth: Romance novel readers are stupid, can’t be feminists, and are all women
Myth Buster: Suzanne Jefferies

Suzanne Jefferies: