Shelf Love

crossover podcast

Appears on:

  • She-Devil (1989): Who's Entitled To Be Selfish in Love & Life? (Whoa!mance spectacular)
  • 070. Consensual Non-Monogamy in Romance Novels - Shelf Love x Monogamish
  • Mistress of Mellyn: In love with the man or the house?
  • 057. Black Romance Podcast: An Oral History (New Podcast Preview)
  • 076. Generous Curiosity - Strange Love by Ann Aguirre with Whoa!mance
  • 079. There's Only One Heart: Caroline's Heart by Austin Chant (Crossover with Boobies & Noobies)
  • 089. Problematizing Romance: You Can't Consume Your Way Out of Oppression
  • 093. Ice Ice (Planet) Baby: Barbarian's Hope