Shelf Love

book discussion

Appears on:

  • 091. Guilty Pleasures with Dr. Arielle Zibrak
  • 073. Structuring Romance: The Secular Scripture pt 1 with Dr. Angela Toscano
  • Killing Them Swiftly, With His Wand (Antagonist April #1, Manacled with Fangirl Jeanne)
  • Because I Love Her, Had to Killer (Antagonist April #2, Manacled with Fangirl Jeanne)
  • 074. Ma'am, this is Problematic: The Secular Scripture pt 2 with Dr. Angela Toscano
  • Beverly Jenkins' Avon True Romances: The Parental Gaze (guest: Funmi)
  • Look Back at Me: North and South with Helena Greer