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romance scholarship

Appears on:

  • Unreal But Not Untrue
  • 060. Romance Research with Jayashree Kamble
  • 063. The Three Waves of Romance with Eric Selinger
  • 088. 9 Reasons Why Rare Romance Books Matter, with Rebecca Romney (#7 will surprise you!)
  • Hairy on the Inside: Teen Werewolves & Red Riding Hood
  • How To Catch A Man on the Love Train
  • The Problematic is Calling From Inside the House
  • Only Tingles Before Marriage: Junior Novels in Post-War America with Dr. Amanda K. Allen
  • Time Travel Romance: A Fantasy Escape to a Glorious Space
  • Queer Romance: A History with Lucy Hargrave
  • Romance for Young Adults: A Quick 80-Year Overview
  • The Agony and the Candlelight Ecstasy
  • 096. Scientific Proof of the Romance Reader Stereotype (Finally)
  • 057. Black Romance Podcast: An Oral History (New Podcast Preview)
  • 082. Critical Reading as Liberation from Mimicry of the Powerful
  • 080. I Now Pronounce You Colonialism, Capitalism, & White Supremacy
  • Romance Scholars After Hours
  • Black Romance and Historical Spaces
  • 058. East Asian American Romances with Cultural Historian Hsu-Ming Teo
  • 081. From History to histories