Shelf Love


Appears on:

  • Hairy on the Inside: Teen Werewolves & Red Riding Hood
  • 073. Structuring Romance: The Secular Scripture pt 1 with Dr. Angela Toscano
  • What Books Do, Empirically Speaking with Dr. Andrew Piper
  • 068. Happily Ever Existential Dread
  • 066. African Diaspora Conjuring Practices in Popular Culture
  • 092. I've Got No Roots: White Immigrant Assimilation & (Romance) Adaptation
  • 074. Ma'am, this is Problematic: The Secular Scripture pt 2 with Dr. Angela Toscano
  • "Desirable" Bodies, Choice, and Neoliberalism: The Fictional Romantic Marketplace
  • The Hunger Games & Extraordinary Girl Romance Narratives