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010.5 More to Love: Polyamorous Romance, Hot Tub No Ma'am, Billionaire Questions

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Bonus extras from episode 10 with Kelly Reynolds from Boobies & Noobies. We play Hot Damn, No Ma'am (Hot Tubs, Quirky Cats, Dating Neighbors), and Kelly shares a polyamorous Write This Book. We also discuss the Billionaire trope: What is their core competency anyway? Extras also include an update on Jess's copywriting career, and listener feedback: is monogamy a capitalist construct?


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Show Notes

Listen to episode 10:

The Case of the Missing O: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton with Kelly Reynolds from Boobies & Noobies

In episode 10 we read Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. We mention it a little bit in this extra, but just a smidge.

If you want to listen to the Jennifer Crusie episode Jess contributed to, it's episode 2.

The Alyssa Cole book we mention with a forge/swords is A Duke By Default. Alyssa was my guest on episode 8!

Check out Boobies & Noobies to hear more from Kelly.