Shelf Love
  • 081. From History to histories

    Mar 16, 2021

    "Archives don't tell us everything. You should question, what texts did you use? What did you look at? What did you not look at? What did you miss? What questions did you ask? What questions did you not ask? And I think that's when we start to get outside of this problem of history, capital H, and move into histories, small "h" pluralized, and think about what appears first and what we do underneath." -Dr. Margo Hendricks

  • 080. I Now Pronounce You Colonialism, Capitalism, & White Supremacy

    Mar 9, 2021

    Have you ever wondered when Shelf Love would finally cover the unholy marriage of Colonialism, Imperialism, Capitalism, and White Supremacy? Dr. Margo Hendricks drops in to explain why you can't talk about just one because they're inextricably linked. Yes, this is still a romance novel podcast!

  • 079. There's Only One Heart: Caroline's Heart by Austin Chant (Crossover with Boobies & Noobies)

    Mar 4, 2021

    You've heard of "there's only one bed" romance trope - are you ready for: "There's Only One Heart"? Kelly Reynolds from Boobies & Noobies invited me on her show in October 2020 and we discussed Austin Chant's Caroline's Heart. Plus, learn a bit about Shelf Love's exciting new research project.

  • 078. Romance Curious: Bridgerton So Hashtag Diverse (with Jodie Slaughter, part 2)

    Jan 30, 2021

    Will Bridgerton inspire romance curiosity for a new generation? Jodie Slaughter became a romance reader by way of Twilight and Twilight fanfiction. When newbies take their first clumsy steps into romancelandia, will they be welcomed with the benefit of the doubt or shunned for arriving at the HEA gates too late? Part 2 - listen to episode 77 for part 1.

  • 077. Twilight Fan Fiction: Climbing into a Can of Worms with Jodie Slaughter (part 1)

    Jan 23, 2021

    Twilight. Fan fiction. Bridgerton. Hashtag diversity. Plus countless cans of worms that we don't want to get into, yet nonetheless crank open. Dame Jodie Slaughter and I go on a journey to uncover gateways into romance, and why it's so hard to even identify that the thing people love in other media is the romance!

  • 076. Generous Curiosity - Strange Love by Ann Aguirre with Whoa!mance

    Jan 16, 2021

    An alien abduction romance with a delightfully unexpected exploration of sexual pleasure. Morgan and Isabeau from Whoa!mance join me to discuss how Strange Love by Ann Aguirre unpacks cultural scripts and encourages generous curiosity. Also: the origin story of the Whoa!mance intro sigh.

  • 075. Jennifer Crusie: Nothing But Good Times Ahead

    Jan 2, 2021

    Jennifer Crusie drops in to talk about Dove Bars, dogs, normative ideals of white middle class baby boomer womanhood, divorce, unconditional love, RWA, and all the good times ahead we've been wondering about.

  • 074. Ma'am, this is Problematic: The Secular Scripture pt 2 with Dr. Angela Toscano

    Dec 26, 2020

    How identity must evolve in romance, the possibility inherent to the romance, and how we can have more critical conversations about problematic things in romance without demanding its eradication - because let's be honest, everything is problematic. Dr. Angela Toscano returns to continue our discussion of The Secular Scripture by Northrop Frye and how it's an urtext for understanding the romance genre. You'll definitely want to go listen to part 1, which is episode 73, before listening to this one

  • 073. Structuring Romance: The Secular Scripture pt 1 with Dr. Angela Toscano

    Dec 19, 2020

    Dr. Angela Toscano, a romance scholar, writer, and researcher joins Shelf Love to discuss literary critic Northrop Frye's 1976 book The Secular Scripture: A study of the structure of romance. Although it's 44 years old and isn't only about romance novels, it has a lot to say that's relevant to the popular romance genre in the year 2020 - and Angela and I call on many examples from more recent books you may be familiar with as well as other examples from pop culture. For example, how is the structure of romance fundamentally different from that of literary, epic works? Why is "mere entertainment" so derided by the academy and what's wrong with the phony infinite? What's the difference between a maze with no plan and a maze, not without a plan? How does romance focus on the polarity between the idyllic world we want and the subterranean world we don't want, but not the life we have? And how does the dog always know? This is part 1 of our conversation. Part 2: out 12/26/20.

  • 072. I Just Have A Lot of Feelings

    Dec 12, 2020

    This episode is about feelings, and romance novels, and hope, and anger, and powerlessness, and the year 2020.